Assignment 6


Due 2/14/13 (by start of class)

For Assignment 6 you will be creating the program for your client’s disaster relief home. The program is about identifying the spaces needed and wanted, defining the sizes of these spaces, and defining the relationships between these spaces. You have the added task of showing at the same time what spaces the client desires, and which spaces are absolutely necessary for their temporary housing.

Your board should include the following:

    • Client: Family name; Architect: Your name
    • Part 1: Space Identification
    • Part 2: Space Allocation
    • Part 3: Space Associations

Here is the pdf of the program examples we discussed in class: 20130207_ProgramSlides

Part 1: Space Identification
1. List of spaces; interior/exterior; indicate which spaces are a priority and/or rank them
2. Approximate size of space (you will need to think about sizes of furniture that will need to go in that space)
3. Space requirements (does it need plumbing? are there lighting requirements?)

Part 2: Space Allocation
Create a block diagram, where each block represents the size of each space. Make sure to label the name and size of each block. Continue to differentiate between desired and priority spaces.

Part 3: Space Associations
Create a bubble diagram of the spaces. The bubble should show the relative size of the spaces, and show the relationships between the spaces. Include a key for any notation you use.  Indicate the priority spaces, or you may want to show two bubble diagrams, one for priority spaces, and one for all spaces.

Double line = must be adjacent
Single line = should be adjacent
Dashed line = indirect relationship

The board should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Try to keep the file size under 2mb.

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