Assignment 8


Due 2/19/13 (by start of class)

For Assignment 8 you will be developing a site concept, and also making 10 small models of shipping containers.

Site Concept
We have two parts for our site, one on a barge and one on land. Develop a scheme for a temporary disaster relief community using both sites simultaneously.


  • Design for approximately 60 families. At least 30 families must have their homes on the barge.
  • At least 30% of the area must be reserved for community services/commercial.
  • The same density of use on the barge must also be used on land.

Barge Files: PDF, CAD (Oceanus)

Site Location: Calvert Vaux Park, Coney Island

The board should include the following:

  • Architect: Your name
  • Diagram(s) showing configuration
  • Include overall square footage, square footage of residential and services, square footage per home, square footage per person, number of containers per family, total number of containers.

The board should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Try to keep the file size under 1mb.

The category for this post is “Post 8.”

Make 10 generic models of shipping containers at the scale of 1/8″ = 1′-0″.  The shipping container dimensions are the same as were given for assignment 7. Bring these models to class with you on Tuesday, as you will be using them for an in-class exercise.

For Tuesday’s class, print out your Assignment 8 board and bring your shipping container models to class.

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