Assignment 4

Due 2/5/13 (by start of class)

For Assignment 4, you will create a material concept model. Each student will post one board with images and text exhibiting and explaining your material concept model. You must also bring your physical concept model to class.

You are now acting as the architect. Based on your client family, come up with 2-3 concepts abstracted from who they are. For example, if your family has a nurse, a dancer, and the child likes to bike, your concepts could be “comfort, stretching, spinning,” or “poking (needles), balance, spokes,” etc.

You will be using 3 materials for your concept model. One material must be a metal or metallic material, and the other 2 materials are up to you. (You can use up to 3 additional materials for attachment of your main materials.)

Create one model from your 3 materials that exhibits your concepts.  You are not necessarily creating a space, but the model must be 3-dimensional. The model must be approximately 10″ long x 4″ wide x 5″ tall.

Your board should include the following:

    • Family name and summary of family members
    • Concepts
    • Materials
    • Images of model
    • Diagrams and/or text to describe concept and model

The board should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Try to keep the file size under 2mb.

The category for this post is “Post 4.” Also make sure to categorize the post under your own name.

2 Responses to Assignment 4

  1. Osmany says:

    For the physical concept model:

    Are we just representing possible materials within in a physical model? For example, if say corten steel is a choice, could that be represented with brown construction paper or something?…or must we incorporate an actual piece of metal?

    ( any links with example of what you are looking for?)


    • The materiality of the model is important, and the conceptual power of the model should be focused on exhibiting/representing the family concepts, rather than on representing materials. I recommend that you use the material you are thinking of (or one similar). No links with examples–read the assignment carefully, put your conceptual hat on, and be creative!


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