Commercial Project Posting & Assignments

  • Please post your cost estimates on openlab based on our discussions from class – this should help you to develop a better sense of which materials are appropriate to this type of project.  Please use the category for your name as well as the cateogy “Commercial Project” & ” “Post 1 – Cost Estimate”.
  • Each of you must have chosen your focus for commercial development and bring 3 or 4 design options into class for review on Tuesday. As a team consider how our discussions of commercial spaces and shared resources will play into the arrangement and layout of your communities.  Remember to consider the lessons of Pruitt-Igoe and the principles of Defensible Spaces as described by Oscar Newman.
  • Each of you is to put all of your postings from this semester in chronological order into a windows movie maker file.
  • Each team is to take their master planning presentations and also put this into a windows movie maker file.
  • Please do not fall behind and meet our deadlines. – Enjoy the weekend.
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  1. Osmany says:

    Are we keeping the density parameters from the residential program?
    It was listed at housing 60 families…


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