Must See Film Event: TRASHED….+ The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

2 Things….

Hello everyone. It seems like every day new documentaries arise communicating profound truth and provocative paradigm shifting action often confided to books and academic journals (which I am a big fan of)….

TRASHED, a super important andĀ poignantĀ film on an almost too big to fathom topic that is literally redefining the landscape of our planet, which is directly tied to the hypnotize habits of our global pathological self inflicted sickness of inundating non-biodegrading materials into a cosmically blessed planet that operates, thrives and is utterly dependent on the ecological formula of perpetual material digestion…

Do yourself and everyone you are connected to a service and watch this film. It’ll change you, and your intimate circle, and provoke the circle to expand exponentially to reach the goal of the Earth’s circumference…

Also, this event begins The New York Times Energy for Tomorrow Conference which addresses the issue of building sustainable cities…


I wanted to mention this during the last class; the film: The Pruitt-Igoe Myth:, offers us an intimate portrait of this infamousĀ housing development. Its been on NETFLIX for quite a while I can now confirm that it is still available to watch instantly. Ā As a archi’student, NYer, urbanite, sentient being, its a must watch…you could YouTube the trailer…I’d rather leave you with a link of a segment found in the mind-shattering and spectacular 1978 film Koyaanisqastsi ( means ” Life out of Balance” in Hopi).

Urban Decay and Pruitt-Igoe destruction segment from KOYAANISQATSI



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