Lectures & Tutorials

PDF tutorials by Prof. Paul C. King unless otherwise noted
Video Tutorials by Prof. Severino Alfonso Dunn unless otherwise noted
Day 01 Agenda – Introduction Agenda
WELCOME & Introduction Lecture
Day 02 Team Project Review – Introduction Agenda
Day 03 Team Project Review – Pin Up Agenda
Day 04 Agenda РZoning & Building Code  РIntro Agenda
Zoning Definitions Lecture Lecture
Zoning OasisNYC.net Tutorial PDF Tutorial
Zoning zd1_guide Reference
Zoning & Autocad Flatshot PDF Tutorial
Zoning Analysis Steps PDF Tutorial
Day 04 Links http://www.oasisnyc.net/map.aspx Link
Zoning Map 12d Link
Reading the Zoning Map Link
Zoning Handbook C6-4 Link
Digital Tax Map Link
City Planning Department Link
NYC Building Department Link
NYC Zoning Text Link
NYC Building Code Link
NYC Building Code – Egress – Chapter 10 Link
 Day 04 AutoCad Template Overview Link
Template has been sent out from Blackboard
 Day 05 Day 5 agenda Agenda
 Day 06 Day 6 agenda Agenda
03 Zoning Text Research Lecture
 Day 07 Day 6 agenda Agenda
05 Partition Types Lecture
 Day 08 Day 6 agenda Agenda
 Day 09 Day 6 agenda Agenda
 Day 06 Day 6 agenda Agenda
Day 07 Day 6 agenda Agenda
Day 08 Day 6 agenda Agenda
Day 09 Student Egress Presentation Agenda
 Team Review of Buildings (1-2) Lecture
Day 10 Day 10 Agenda Agenda
07.2 Stairs & Egress Lecture
07.1 Cores & Stairs Lecture
05 Plans & Egress Lecture
Team Review of Buildings (3-4) Lecture
Day 11 Agenda
 Revit Introduction & Scavenger Hunt Lecture
 Revit.Scavenger Hunt Assignment
Day 12  Scavenger Hunt Day 2 with Annotation Agenda
Day 13  Revit Grids & Levels Agenda
Grids & Levels Handout Lecture
 Property Lines
Day 14 Agenda
Day 15 Agenda
Day 16 Adding Structure & Developing Dwgs List Agenda
Sample Drawings List Lecture
Adding Foundations Columns & Slabs Lecture
 Adding Concrete Beams Lecture
 Adding Steel Frame Structure Lecture
 Adding Structural Trusses Lecture
Day 17  Structural Beams РConcrete & Steel Trusses Agenda
 Adding Concrete Beams Lecture
 Adding Steel Frame Structure Lecture
 Adding Structural Trusses Lecture
 Roof by Footprint & Extrusion Lecture
Day 18 Agenda
Day 19 Agenda
Day 20 Agenda
Day 26 Agenda
 Reveal and Sweep PDF Tutorial Lecture
 Reveal Video
Day 22 Agenda
Day 23 Agenda

1 thought on “Lectures & Tutorials

  1. 1. How to find area plan with view?
    2. how to do shaded with edges?
    3.how can I turn off levels so that it does not show on my sheets ?
    4.When we do view on 3D how would we take only a part of the building that i am trying to focus on?

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