Lectures & Tutorials

PDF tutorials by Prof. Paul C. King unless otherwise noted
Video Tutorials by Prof. Severino Alfonso Dunn unless otherwise noted
Day 01 Agenda – Introduction Agenda
WELCOME & Introduction Lecture
Day 02 Team Project Review – Introduction Agenda
Day 03 Team Project Review – Pin Up Agenda
Day 04 Agenda РZoning & Building Code  РIntro Agenda
Zoning Definitions Lecture Lecture
Zoning OasisNYC.net Tutorial PDF Tutorial
Zoning zd1_guide Reference
Zoning & Autocad Flatshot PDF Tutorial
Zoning Analysis Steps PDF Tutorial
Day 04 Links http://www.oasisnyc.net/map.aspx Link
Zoning Map 12d Link
Reading the Zoning Map Link
Zoning Handbook C6-4 Link
Digital Tax Map Link
City Planning Department Link
NYC Building Department Link
NYC Zoning Text Link
NYC Building Code Link
NYC Building Code – Egress – Chapter 10 Link
 Day 04 AutoCad Template Overview Link
Template has been sent out from Blackboard
 Day 05 Day 5 agenda Agenda
 Day 06 Day 6 agenda Agenda
03 Zoning Text Research Lecture
 Day 07 Day 6 agenda Agenda
05 Partition Types Lecture
 Day 08 Day 6 agenda Agenda
 Day 09 Day 6 agenda Agenda
 Day 06 Day 6 agenda Agenda
Day 07 Day 6 agenda Agenda
Day 08 Day 6 agenda Agenda
Day 09 Student Egress Presentation Agenda
 Team Review of Buildings (1-2) Lecture
Day 10 Day 10 Agenda Agenda
07.2 Stairs & Egress Lecture
07.1 Cores & Stairs Lecture
05 Plans & Egress Lecture
Team Review of Buildings (3-4) Lecture
Day 11 Agenda
 Revit Introduction & Scavenger Hunt Lecture
 Revit.Scavenger Hunt Assignment
Day 12  Scavenger Hunt Day 2 with Annotation Agenda
Day 13  Revit Grids & Levels Agenda
Grids & Levels Handout Lecture
 Property Lines
Day 14 Agenda
Day 15 Agenda
Day 16 Adding Structure & Developing Dwgs List Agenda
Sample Drawings List Lecture
Adding Foundations Columns & Slabs Lecture
 Adding Concrete Beams Lecture
 Adding Steel Frame Structure Lecture
 Adding Structural Trusses Lecture
Day 17  Structural Beams РConcrete & Steel Trusses Agenda
 Adding Concrete Beams Lecture
 Adding Steel Frame Structure Lecture
 Adding Structural Trusses Lecture
 Roof by Footprint & Extrusion Lecture
Day 18 Agenda
Day 19 Agenda
Day 20 Agenda
Day 26 Agenda
 Reveal and Sweep PDF Tutorial Lecture
 Reveal Video
Day 22 Agenda
Day 23 Agenda

One thought on “Lectures & Tutorials

  1. 1. How to find area plan with view?
    2. how to do shaded with edges?
    3.how can I turn off levels so that it does not show on my sheets ?
    4.When we do view on 3D how would we take only a part of the building that i am trying to focus on?

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