This semester has been interesting, however I found it difficult to stay on track with some of my work. Throughout this semester, as a reader I have learned that analyzing the reading in ways such as understanding the tone that comes with the genre. As a writer, I learned that there are different ways to convey my point of view and get my point across. I do not think my style of writing has changed from the beginning of the semester. When it comes to reading and writing, I believe that I have gained more of an understanding on how to analyze the reading material in front of me. By using the tips, I have learned, I am able to understand how to convey my ideas clearly and more fluently. One thing I mainly keep in mind while working on my assignments is who is the intended audience and how will my writing speak to the reader. Before joining this class, I did not really think about how my writing will speak to the reader, I mainly thought about answering the prompt given as best as I can to get a good grade. Now I’ve learned it is important to keep a few personal bullet points in mind. The knowledge and skills I have gained can be used in situations when pursuing my architecture career. By transferring the knowledge, I have gained, I can combine that with other skills, and have it benefit me later with future in school and while I am pursing my architecture career. The assignments that were given this semester allowed me to really think about how to reflect when it comes to what I am trying to gain as an architecture student. This semester has also allowed me to grow as a reader and has given me the opportunity to gain new skills given the circumstances of having to do remote learning.

Throughout this semester, I have learned more as a reader, writer and as a researcher. One project that helped me learn new skills was project #2: annotated bibliography. Project 2 allowed me to do some research on how to stay organized and motivated, which will be beneficial for me later in the future. I have also learned ways on how to complete my work in a timely manner without too many frustrations. Tips such as removing distractions and being aware of the work environment I am in has helped me come up with ideas on how to face the problem head on. In my annotated bibliography, the article, “13 changes to your workspace that could improve productivity (and your life)”, “As a general rule, quiet spaces allow for more concentration and productivity, however if you end up in a more animated space, take the opportunity to observe the people around you; as architects, paying attention to the way people interact with their surroundings is an invaluable tool. If the noise ends up getting too distracting after all, plug in some headphones to drown out the chatter.” To me this quote is saying that if there is an alternative to a situation, find the alternative and use it. This quote stuck out to me because finding a solution or finding a different way of going at something is beneficial to someone who is dealing with a situation in general. For example, being stuck at home this semester has been a challenge, but I have had to make the best out of this and work with what I am faced with. The more practice that I am having with finding alternatives to this current situation, the less frustrations there are in my day-to-day life.

Going into this semester I did not expect to take anything from this class because I though we would just have assignment where we would have to read, and answer questions based in the reading. Going further into the semester, I noticed that the assignments given such as our projects and comments encouraged us to think more about our way of speaking to the audience. These assignments have given me the opportunity to think about my writing style, what my message is for the audience and how to get my point across in a clear and direct manner. I have also gotten an opportunity to think who the intended audience is. When having a better understanding of who is the intended audience, it can be easier to know how to write your assignments. While I was working on my annotated bibliography, one thing I kept in mind when doing my research was who would this be useful to. My annotated bibliography can be useful to other architecture students but can also be useful to people who are having trouble with their organization skills and who are struggling to stay motivated with their workload. While working on project 2, I have come to realize that there are many factors that play a role in how a person’s work ethic can be affected, such as the environment/space you work in. After reading more about how the environment can affect how you work, I began to think about ways that I can make my work environment a bit more organized to where I can work efficiently. This information can be useful and beneficial to my architecture career because I can start applying these tips while I am in school and gain better practice with my organization skills. Learning better ways and skills on how to work in a better environment can have a very beneficial outcome.

This semester has certainly been a challenge but adapting to this challenge has taught me skills that will be better for me when pursing my architecture career. I can begin incorporating these skills into bettering my time management skills. Lessons that I have learned this English semester such as how to read like a writer and skills on how to speak to an audience with my writing are lessons that will have an impact on my day-to-day life.