Project 1: Always keep pushing yourself no matter what!

While re reading Project #1 I realized that I wrote so much about my difficulties, I may have lost track of the whole purpose. The answer I gave to what I learned was too vague, which was that life is not easy ,from hardships we learn more. However, I am aware that I should have been more specific on what I learned, whether it be for school, work or life in general. I would go back and revise my analysis since I feel I had a hard time connecting my personal life and work life to my student life. Therefore, I would have added more examples of what my experiences have taught me as a student. Also, Professor Rosen suggested I leave out the last paragraph , so in the future I would have left it out to make a better ending.

Since I always found English being my least favorite subject, I was very proud that I was able to fulfill the requirements of Project #2. I feel that I did a great job choosing my sources, summarizing them as well as analyzing then. However, If I were to revise it, I would focus on thinking more about the genre and the audience. Meaning, who specifically were these sources intended for, and what would be the best genre to reach out to them. 

It is very unfortunate that we did not have enough time to physically do project 3, instead we had to write about what genre we could’ve chosen to spread the message across. If I were to revise it , I would include more evidence as to how meditation is beneficial. I mentioned a Ted Talk being the best way to reach my audience, and I stated my plan on how I would go about that. However, in the future I would include my time limit and word count as well for my speech. If we had more time, I would have been glad to create a Ted Talk to inform my audience on the benefits of meditation and persuade them to try it out!