Throughout my research in a space of reflection I want to convey the idea of thinking about our surroundings and what impact it would have in us. How different surroundings make us feel, makes us think. At first I wasn’t sure how to approach the idea I wanted to talk about but I began to think of different spaces, areas, and landscape. Everyone has their own idea of spaces they feel comfortable in where they can think clearly and they can sort themselves out. I learned that these spaces help us cope with how we feel and what we could be doing better in times. When I have to reflect on myself I like to be in my room. Being in my own space helps me think about and focus on myself when I’m in doubt. I also like to be in a park just filled with trees especially in the summer where everything is full of green and the smell is so strong. It allows my mind to wander from the trees to the sky and the clouds. If I had stress or any type of feeling I would feel free from all the thoughts and feelings that I escape from when it becomes too much. There are times with school that the work and pressure I feel would become too much to bear and having that moment to put yourself back together and to think of the direction I want to go and what would work for me makes the load a lot easier to do the things. This isn’t just for me but for many others I’ve seen my brother and sister who are younger than me have these times where they can’t see where they are going. All they see is the work but not the way they can do it and that pressure hits very hard to the brink of tears. 

The audience I speak to are young adults because as time passes things are going to get harder and in those times you end up feeling alone at times and frustrated with the amount of responsibility you have not only with yourself but for others. I’ve always looked after my siblings and there are times where you have your work, and doing those two things at the same time especially when you can’t focus on those two things at the same time can be a challenge. When life gives you a challenge it’s not always easy but you have to face it. The genre I want to portray my audience would be in a radio channel. I choose this because a lot of the time I find myself listening to the people discussing on the radio and I’m not the only one who would end up listening to those conversations and I feel like discussing this topic on the radio would interest a lot of people. Discussing a space of reflection with people on the phone and getting different opinions about it and what people think of as a space they would reflect in. I feel like in times like these a lot of people listen to some radio stations and really get into the topic that they are discussing. Although the radio isn’t the best to for young adults to listen too I feel like one way or another they will end up hearing it like I have and sometimes this types of discussion would at least peak their interest because everyone had had those moments where they have overwhelming feelings and emotions that take over as well as different thoughts and different situations that cause others to really think about what they are doing.