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Narrowing the focus on reflection

We’re spending all of this time thinking about built or natural spaces for reflection, and starting to think about questions we can ask that will help us focus our research. For our discussion this week, share your ideas about what aspects of spaces for reflection you’re interested in. In our discussion, comment to share ideas about what questions you’re developing for your research, or even what narrower topics you’re considering.

For example, are you interested in certain kinds of spaces for reflection, certain materials, or certain desired effects? Want to know more about the science of it, the psychology of it, the spirituality of it, the design of it, the acoustics? From there, you can develop a question.

As we share our overlapping approaches, you will be able to develop your focus and learn from classmates about useful sources.


  1. Alvin Kalicharan

    The spaces of reflection I am interested in is the ways of how an architect can work the best, such as what atmosphere is reccomended, how they can make the most of their time, how they can work the most efficient, etc.

    • Kevin Giron

      I agree with what you mentioned of the atmosphere that is best recommended. I am also interested in that aspect. Spaces of reflection should have a comfortable atmosphere.

    • Luka Vardoshvili

      I think atmosphere is very important. The atmosphere (environment) has to be very comfortable and relaxing.

    • Jody R. Rosen

      Alvin, you are interested in how architects themselves find places to reflect on their work. You might find architects talking about their work, where they find inspiration, or how they gather their thoughts for a project.

  2. Kevin Giron

    The aspects of spaces of reflection I’m most interested in is how comfortable it makes you feel. I feel that if you are in a comfortable space, you are able to focus more and analyze everything. Then that allows you to be more inspired and reflect even deeper. I feel as if this also answers the question of me being interested in certain spaces for reflection, which is a comfortable environment. My desired effects would be for there to be more productivity at the end of the reflection.

    • Jody R. Rosen

      Kevin, you are interested in spaces for reflection that are comfortable and that help you be more productive–so perhaps a work space that includes a space for reflection? You can look specifically about office design, or even look into the psychology of work spaces. This topic can lead you into thinking about commercial office space, or about home work spaces–something that is particularly timely as so many people have shifted to working from home, and so many businesses are reconsidering the necessity to have offices where everyone works.

  3. Luka Vardoshvili

    The spaces of reflection which i am interested in, is nature. Nature is very comfortable, relaxing and wonderful environment. It allows me to clear my mind, forget all my problems and focus on my task. I think going outside in nature is best thing to do when you are struggling with something. You can just sit down next to tree, breath some fresh air, get anergy from sunlights and listen to birds singing, while doing the task you need to do (draft a building).

    • Jody R. Rosen

      Luka, there is a lot of research about the psychological effects of nature on wellbeing. You might start with some of those words as your search terms. Another term to look into is biophilia, which basically refers to our love (philia) of nature or living things (bio). If the topic feels too big, you might try to narrow down to urban spaces of nature, or within landscape architecture–this might also help with the ARCH 1101 work you’ll do on spaces for reflection, as well as your own work in architecture in the future.

    • Jody R. Rosen

      PS biophilic design specifically might be what you want to look into.

  4. zafar abdukahorov

    The spaces for reflection Im interested in is natural, tight, quite where you can feel relaxed instead of overwhelmed type of environment. In order to have the best possible reflection you have to clear your mind and be comfortable and relaxed. Even though we talking about spaces of reflection where its relaxing and comfortable, my desired changes would more life into the equation because we humans are a big part of reflection and how we see it.

    • Jody R. Rosen

      Zafar, look at my comment to Luka above. I wonder if any of my suggestions about nature would be useful for you. You’re also interested in spaces that either include other people or that give the vantage point to see other people, as opposed to some kind of solitary experience. Again, urban spaces for reflection might be what you’re looking for. When I searched for those terms, I found this short list-article that might not be a good source overall for the project, but might help you get your ideas started:

  5. Jose Bocio

    I agree with Luka and Zafar. The space of reflection, I’m find every interesting nature. The way in how arquitectural structures are combined with the nature to feel calm, relaxing, and happy. That’s it the way that I think about the space in relation with the people and environment.

  6. Johnathon Abrego

    The space of reflection I’m into is something that is not boring. Making something big and detailed is nice and all but it’s just to look at, the only people who will find that fun would be old people. Making something not boring but something you can interact with in the design would be different which would bring in more attention.

  7. Angie

    The space of reflection that I am interested in is somewhere in my comfort zone. A place whereI feel that I belong, where I have peace and is a stress free environment. It does not necessarily have to be a specific place, just a space where your mind and spirit is set free.

  8. SiniaB

    The place of reflection that I’m interested in is what type of environment/location makes people become creative? Some people have to be in a certain place at a certain time in order to get in the creative mindset.

  9. Stacy Amaya

    The spaces of reflection I look into and think about are what the idea is about the space and the thoughts about it from the architect. The inspiration and how the space is created to make someone feel a certain way. I also agree with Alvin about the atmosphere in the space.

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