Education is something that everyone has had whether it was from a school or from moments in your life. Education is the value of the skills, belief and habits you build as you go. It starts not only in a classroom, it starts with the people around you the moments you learn your mistakes and learn from the things that you do. As a child I’ve struggled to learn I’ve had limitations but I’ve always tried to strive to grow and become better. I’ve fought a battle that could have kept me down but I continue to go up even when I can’t solve it. I continue because I rather give my hardest in then just one shot. But of course at times when I let go things start to get overwhelming because I leave things behind for the last moment, but even though I end up doing that I try to pick myself up, but because of my experiences I’ve become stubborn to the thought of letting go or giving up. There were times where the pressure was so much I wonder if I’m going to make it to the other side, whenever I thought about the amount of work I have to do in a short amount of time I would think do I have enough time or do I have the right idea of this assignment for it to make sense. A lot of times I would think those exact things. I would put so much pressure on myself, but take step by step to get to the end of the tunnel. There was one night where I had so much to do and there was no end but I couldn’t stop especially because there were people counting on me to create a video for a project so I had my first all-nighter. It was hard but I wanted to keep going. I couldn’t stop. I push myself even when I feel like I don’t have a chance and it helps me become better. My parents have always shown me how to be open minded to not limit myself to one idea. There are many ways in perceiving things like outside of the box thinking. In art people like to look outside of the box thinking things that you wouldn’t normally think about and it doesn’t always have to be with art it can be for many different things. My parents have also influenced me in choosing my Career at first when I was choosing a high school I didn’t know what type of high school I wanted to be in or the career I wanted to go into. I searched for schools that either focused in art or in sports. One day when we went to an open house I looked into an art school and then they brought me to my high school for which was a high school that was for architecture engineering and construction. When we left that building they asked me which one I wanted to go to but I wasn’t too sure so I wanted to go with the safe option with art, but then my dad told me it’s either you choose Art and wait 100 years to be noticed or do something that can give you more openings. When he said that I thought about it and I decided that I wanted to become an Architect because I do like building especially since I really liked building in minecraft and just creating things and putting my images into life I was set on becoming an Architect. In the readings that were listed I connected to Fiere that teachers deposit information into students they give us the information and we obtain it every lesson that is taught. Every lesson has a value within us especially when you discover that you are in the wrong and you realize your mistake. I’ve made many mistakes but I value them as a lesson. In my experience and others I believe education is very creative. A question you might be thinking is how can education be creative? Well as I mentioned education can basically come in any form of school, life experiences, and more. If you think about that the ways you learn are from the people that you are most involved with: family, friends, yourself, your teachers, and it could be from a stranger. It all comes to how they have taught you how open you are and how open they are. My english teacher freshman year of high school taught in a way that if we respect her she will respect us. I learned a lot of open thinking and writing but I also learned a lot of respect from her. Although I had already learned respect she applied it very seriously and her teachings were always very connected to everyone in my class. I had many teachers that had taught me many values in the classroom. These lessons my teachers and my life lessons have taught me is my education. As we continue we also learn the discoveries people have made in history, the complex writing, math, history we learn all about those ideas along with our own. The creativity in education is how it’s built within us; it gives us opportunities and valuable lessons in improving not just academic but life choices. I’ve made many mistakes but with those mistakes I strive to become better. I learned to never give up through the years and it can surely make a difference.