I had to think about how I wanted to approach this project. I was thinking about my idea of education and the different types of ways education is perceived because there is no one way of revising education. Things I could have improved in my project for revisement is put my ideas together and the meaning of the title to explain it more thoroughly for the reader to understand where I’m coming from. What I explain here are my difficulties of how I got to where I am now.

Writing this annotated bibliography reflected on me especially the pandemic related source that I included, in these times it was hard to cope with a lot of events that have happened this year. It was hard but the idea of reflecting on yourself is something that I have personally been doing during this time. Looking over myself on what I do. If I revised this I would include more ideas of “space of reflection” in Architecture since most of my sources are about schools, but I did include one space that people use to reflect in that area.

I learned a lot and had hard times during this semester but this helped me with ideas for architecture. If I revised project 3 I would include more quotes and make more connections within my writing to explain the idea I want to bring to my audience. Not just The idea of spaces of reflections but what the spaces mean to you if I were to actually speak to my audience.