I repeatedly hear that life is hard and now that I am in college, I think that life is ever more difficult than just hard. However, you can do anything no matters how difficult it is, you just need to look back and remember from where you came from and all the obstacles that you have already passed.

I am from the Dominican Rep. I lived there for fourteen years of my life with my grandparents. Why do I live with grandparents? My mom left me with them when I was two years old. My mom did that because she migrated here to the U.S. for a better life for her and me. Thanks to her I am here in the U.S. So, now I think that I owe her my goals because she wants me to go to college and accomplish a career. For me, the transition to move here was difficult because I leave my family and friends in the Dominican Rep. Also, entry to a school where you do not know the language is pretty difficult, but I want to accomplish my dream of becoming a Civil Engineer or an Architect. Why one of these two careers? When I was in Dominican Rep. My father sometimes took me to his job building houses. This was the most impressive for me because I saw how in flat terrain where there is nothing, in a few months you can see a beautiful house.

How do my parents inspire me to take one of these careers? My father is someone that works in construction. I find that interesting and I just like it because I just want to be like my dad. Although I have lived with him, I feel the same passion as him for construction. My mom is just that type of person that encourages you to do what you want in life. Those things inspire me to continue and accomplish my goals. I’ll say learn from the people and things that inspire you. 

My mom is the person that teaches me everything I know about life. Her determination is strong. She told me to never give up even in the hardest time of my life. This is because of her experience and all that she has passed through in life. Sometimes, I feel down and out of place, but mom is always there to support me when I need it the most. She always tells me that the friends that are with me in the bad and good times are my real friends.

Besides, the life that we have is not always going to be with our parents because Mom always told me that I must see for what is good and not for the bad things in life because one day she will be no longer here and she cannot tell me what I must always do. This word I never am going to forget because is the truth my Mom is not going to be there when she misses, that’s why they want to use the study to be a person that can get money to support his family, There want to us think like them to make our generation of the family we education and when they leave home like us they can follow the tips. Why is it so difficult for us? We are accustomed to living with our parents since we have memories and that is the problem that we missed them a lot because we have their love, and they give us all that we need. In the end, this is something that makes us vulnerable to the situation of accepting that we are not anymore a kid and we should learn and address all our problems.

Now, I know that constructions it’s just my dream. I”m sure that there are too many people in the world that do not know yet what they want to be, but that cannot stop you from becoming someone in life. At some point in your life, it will be something that you might think is your purpose to do it. For me, building houses make people happy because I make their dream houses. It is something that I want to experience. Be the one who will fight for his/her dreams. When you feel that about something. That will be the time you will say I want to be this because it makes me who I am. I always say that to make it happen how you want, you have to feel proud of yourself for the things that bring you back to who you are when you are lost.

My challenge to accomplish what I want to be in life right now is my English. I think that I need to improve a lot every single aspect of the language. It’s necessary and mandatory communication work in any job in the U.S. I will give my best to improve my skills in the English language and success. I want to be the type of model for my family that one day they will be proud of.

I finally understand that becoming an Architect is what best fits me because I want to reflect people’s ideals home by designing them. I like so much taller buildings, and two of my favorites are the One World Trade Center and the Burj Khalifa. I feel inspired by the beauty and innovation that these buildings give to the city where they are. College’s hard and it takes a lot of time from you. I think that is something worthy because you will have the chance to get what you desire to do with your life. This is one step to get closer to getting what you want. I won’t give up because that’s what my mom teaches me and I will make her proud of me. Accomplish and succeed in your goals to be happy with yourself. I encourage everyone to do their best. Follow and never give up on your ideals.