Second shooting-Marielos Osorio

On my second shooting, I personally faced many complications, especially with the lighting set-up. I moved the light around. I also increased and decreased the light, so that the glare was nice. Overall, the picture came out darker than expected, but the mystery feeling I was looking for is there. I experimented with some angels as well, positions and some color (Blue).

For this shooting I was going for a mysterious felling. The light did reflect that mysterious looking that I was aiming for. To set-up the right amount of light, on my opinion, was the hardest part. Additionally, on my first shooting I had a model. On this second one, I didn’t. Moreover, because the product was by itself, I added sunglasses to recreate a face looking feeling. Both, the glasses and the headphones created a human face without having to have an actual person there. The shoots also reflect a luxurious feeling, which I was looking for as well. Overall, the composition was good but the lighting could have been better.

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