Gallery Report

The visit to Aperture was very interesting. Especially to find out they They had published the famous picture of the twins, I was excited to venture further into the gallery. These were all works from China. the China books really showed how westerners tried to portray the Chinese. There were books used as propaganda that showed the same events in very different ways. One country would show the glorification of going to war and the other country would show the destruction and how horrible they are. One that stood out to me was the pictures of the destruction with illustrations of bright red fire along the edges of the photos. It really made the photos feel more intense. There were illustrations and photos showing industrial and common people growth in China. Some of which felt Worlds Fair-esque and believed to be only for people in the higher-ups of China. Even with the wall of Mao you can see how communism has changed China. The Gallery shows much of China’s propaganda. I was found it all to be very interesting.

At the Second Gallery it was different but again very interesting. it followed various tribes with very rich photos. The First photo walking in was my favorite. It was a portrait of two tribesman by the waterfall. the one standing appeared to be older, wiser. The other appeared to be younger, he is sitting but livelier. The lighting and the colors really stood out to me. it was a very powerful photo with great composition with the waterfall right behind the tribesman standing on a rock. I really liked the photo that was a wide shot as well with all the tribes women. They Almost looked like warriors and were seemingly a very important part of the group. All the photos were very powerful and well done with great lighting and composition while still making i feel natural.

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