We have done a reading in class today. It is called On Photography by Susan Sontage. We watch a video about cave mens. There are prisoners in the cave, there is a bridge behind them. Everyday day people walking through, with animals, or woman bringing stuff to the market place. Everything that the prisoners can see is the shadows from the wall. They have no idea how the outside world looks like. Once they have a chance to be released, they are looking at the real world by their eyes. They can see the world, and feel the world. If they come back, ant tell other prisoners about what he sees, no one is going to understand him, and they don’t have any images in their heads. From this video, we can say that visual perception is very important to human beings. The first photo was shoot in 1893, since so many years change, today we have a lot of different way to take photos. Today’s photographs are not just images to people, it also contains lots of messages. Because we have eyes, we can see our world, and we have a huge images in our head. Comparing to the old art, it is a different way to observes messages. In the reading, Susan Sontage states that being educated by photographs is not like being educated by older, more artisanal images. I agree with statement, because in my opinion, photography is mo realistic than painting. From the old painting we can learn the history, and the message from history. For photography, We can learn more about the world that we are living today, photography is more like knowledge to me.

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