RR3: Vanitas – Wilbert Perez

The relationships between the metaphors for mortality in the Dutch life paintings are clear, and are applicable to visible key aspects such as the moth on the apple and the insect laying dead near what looks like a ripe and delicious bunch of fruits. The colors used to depict the fruits in Ruysch’s painting strengthen them against the dark backgrounds, also viable in Huysum’s painting when compared. The levels of lightness used within the paintings are present to deliver the metaphor in a manner that could be more easily understood then a rather typical message.

Using the past style of Dutch still life paintings as well as applying the influence of the Vanitas art into his photo campaign, Hector Canales presents his idea of a metaphor for mortality using portraits along side military objects and veterans. I believe his methods could have been executed better. I feel like there are other objects that can better represent what could have possibly affected mortality especially if you are relating it the modern Iraq war. Several objects include the smartphone and it’s prominent stand regarding personal freedoms and what it could mean in a nuclear-armed world, the relationship between health hazards from war and health issues here at home, aswell as some struggles some veterans face after serving their country akin to some struggles Americans have been facing after being laid-off from work.

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