Khyriel Palmer: Advertising Campaign Analysis

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Phillip Roston did a campaign on Tech Deck the finger skateboards using hands in a standing position with very few props. I feel like the message in this campaign is that playing with Tech Decks aren’t just for kids. Its a serious toy for people of any age. Just like how anyone can skateboard if they want. This ad campaign is trying to sell a lifestyle that you can take anywhere sine skateboards cant be used in anywhere but the streets and skate parks. They are not limiting the product to just any specific age rang either. Whoever has a passion for it is welcomed. As someone who enjoys the sport, I’m sure i would actually buy the product because it is speaking to my demographic. All three of these images are at eye level with the viewer. Each photograph was taken with direct lighting with a very faint shallow space. The High contrast in these images helps display that this is a toy based upon a serious lifestyle of dedication to get better. It is also has a soft focus with an emphasized texture that looks similar to the marks on a used skateboard that grinds often. These images also feel balanced equally, none of them feel heavier than the other.  I believe that these images are mirrors. They display trial and error of skateboarding as well as the image people depict about it. You can notice that from the bandage on the finger that is standing on the desk. Then there is a finger which has a brace on it. Which it probably got from landing a trick the wrong way. And lastly the one is different from those two because it just has a tattoo. It could be a symbol meaning that they endure pain which is true. Overall this piece is a mirror because the hands represent people who love skateboarding. I’m pretty sure if you ever tried skateboarding you would be able to relate to this campaign.

2 thoughts on “Khyriel Palmer: Advertising Campaign Analysis

  1. davidsanchez7897

    I would totally agree that these campaign ads are mirrors because of the visualization of the characteristics of each hand gives off an idea of what a skateboarder would look like. I do like the different types of looks a skateboarder would have from the hand with the tattoo to the hand with the brace on it.

  2. rmichals

    All three have props in terms of something on the hand: tattoo, bandage, leg brace crutch. All three have locations: an institutional bathroom and what look like classrooms. the places look pretty uninteresting so no wonder you need something to play with. I would argue that the ad is trying to appeal to young people either in high school or college if not children. The locations shown here are not offices or other kinds of work places. I do like the humor shown here. The ads with the brace and the bandage make jokes, though one that describes the authenticity of the product. i.e. its so like the real thing you can get hurt. haha. You both make interesting points about the differences between the three hands. Since you are closer to the demographic the ad is appealing to, the three seem different. To me, as a middle-aged woman, they seem very similar-all male, young without being children.


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