About me

My name is Ahmed Maseer and I am currently a student in Ciytech majoring in graphic communication. As a transferred student from CSI my major was Biology, but my strong passion for graphic design was chasing me everywhere like a dream. Now my dream is finally coming true because I made the right decision to pursue what I love as a career in life. The subject that has inspired me for a long time is Typography. It is the strongest reason to change my major to graphic communication.

As I remember the first thing which caught my eyes was the typeface of letters and how you can sketch them in a certain way to create visual images. Lately this has directed my desires for sketching and drawing. Having been born and raised in Middle East in Iraq, I experienced most of my skills there through participating in art galleries, school festivals and many other things.

My goal is to apply the experience and skills I have and develop them into a career as a graphic designer. I am influenced by many big name designers like Milton Glaser, Naville Brody, Helen Abbas and many other designers.

Welcome to My home page

      Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Maseer.
   I d like to thank everyone for visiting my web site. My site will contain many posts, photos, class study work and many others.
So I hope you like it and enjoy its contents. Your comments and opinions are very welcomed to see  and very important to me definitely.