I am a transferred student who has vigorously strong passion to achieve and fulfill my future degree in Graphic Design in NYC college of Technology. Sketching and painting are my urgent reasons to follow and choose that path of study. I hope I can do all my best to get it.

About me

My name is Ahmed Maseer and I am currently a student in Ciytech majoring in graphic communication. As a transferred student from CSI my major was Biology, but my strong passion for graphic design was chasing me everywhere like a dream. Now my dream is finally coming true because I made the right decision to pursue what I love as a career in life. The subject that has inspired me for a long time is Typography. It is the strongest reason to change my major to graphic communication.

As I remember the first thing which caught my eyes was the typeface of letters and how you can sketch them in a certain way to create visual images. Lately this has directed my desires for sketching and drawing. Having been born and raised in Middle East in Iraq, I experienced most of my skills there through participating in art galleries, school festivals and many other things.

My goal is to apply the experience and skills I have and develop them into a career as a graphic designer. I am influenced by many big name designers like Milton Glaser, Naville Brody, Helen Abbas and many other designers.

Terms of Typeface

Some terms of typeface

Some terms of typeface

Some terms of Typeface 

Typeface: The letters, numbers, and symbols that make up a design of type. A typeface is often part of a type family of coordinated designs.

1- Serif: Small decorative strokes that are added to the end of a letter’s main strokes. Serifs improve readability by leading the eye along the line of type.

2-LigatureTwo or more letters tied together into a single letter.

3-AscenderThe part of lowercase letters (such as k, b, and d) that ascends above the x-height of the other lowercase letters in a face.

4-DescenderThe part of lowercase letters (such as y, p, and q) that descends below the baseline of the other lowercase letters in a font face.

5-BaselineThe imaginary line on which the majority of the characters in a typeface rest.

6-x-heightTraditionally, x-height is the height of the lowercase letter x. It is also the height of the body of lowercase letters in a font, excluding the ascenders and descenders.

7-Sans serif:  A type face that does not have serifs. Generally a low-contrast design. Sans serif faces lend a clean, simple appearance to documents.

8-CaplineThe imaginary line which represents the uppermost part of capital letters and some character’s ascenders. A line marking the height of uppercase letters within a font.

9-CounterThe enclosed (or partially enclosed) space within letters such as ‘c,’ ‘e,’ S,’ ‘H,’ and ‘g.’ Often confused with “bowl.”

10-Meanline: The line on which the top parts of most of the lowercase letters set (not the ascenders).The top (imaginary) point of all lowercase characters without ascenders.


Welcome to My home page

      Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Maseer.
   I d like to thank everyone for visiting my web site. My site will contain many posts, photos, class study work and many others.
So I hope you like it and enjoy its contents. Your comments and opinions are very welcomed to see  and very important to me definitely.