Project of Line and Movement


For this project I Developed 12 thumbnail sketches to explore the ways of how the parallel lines could show a movement .Then I did a refinement to one or two of them in consideration of the line thickness, line spacing and craft. And on a 11″ x 14″ Bristol paper, I draw the final work lightly in pencil and then making some corrections in space and so on.

The curved  lines I created are starting at one point, then expanding in their motion to become bigger and bigger as they close to the center of the paper. The reason behind that is to show some ways of movement; from the point towards the center and through the interval spaces between lines from another side. The whole composition gives that illusion of movement when you look at it.

    Finally with a Sharpie pen, I changed the thickness of the lines by using brush and ink to fill them absolutely black and by erasing all the pencil traces, I came to end up with this work.


My Final Work


With Yellow Background