The Spots Assignment

Using three different “spots” in tone, we created three drawings compositions (For 3 variables, 5 variables and 7 variables). Each drawing has one type of spot and it should be drawn in tone by using soft pencil (2B, 3B, 4B).

These spots should not have line, geometric shape or solid or graphic, and no recognizable thing. They should be completely out of thought and shape.

    When we made at least 20 spots per drawing, they should be arranged or drawn according to the variables; size, scale, interval, direction, density, distance and proportion.

Drawing# 1: 3 Variables

a-Size:  I used unequal sizes of spots to show the variety and more dimensions when they appear on the paper.

b-Density: Here they are all grouped in many groups to show different units and easy to move from one to other.

c-Direction: The vertical and semi-circular direction I used for these spots, which give the idea of falling from top to bottom.

Drawing# 2: 5 Variables

a-Size: I used the gradual size from smaller to be bigger to display the spread.

b-Direction: circular kind of direction and it looks like the circular waves of water.

c- Interval: the space between each row of spots group that gives the idea of repetition of dark and light spaces.

d-Density: grouped spots in one circular line I used here.

e-Distance: I tried to show how far each spots row from the other as it starts from the smaller sized groups to the larger one.

Drawing #3: 7 Variables with the use of 50-50% of black and white.

a-Size: different sizes I used here to show the variety and inequality.

b-Scale: the bigger sizes of spots here are more important than others and to fill the space.

c-Direction: random direction I used here to show the different motions and directions of spots.

d-Interval: the space between each spot is used equally.

e- Density: individual dense here is used to give some of space and balance.

f- Proportion: the space balance between spots and white space.

g- Distance: the distance here illustrates the closeness and farness between big spots and smaller ones.