Photo shoot

This is one of the projects that I enjoy the most. I learn a lot about photo shoots. I always thought that this kind of projects was about the person behind the camera. The looks of her or him, or the image that they represent, but is not only about them. When it comes to shooting, we have to look for backgrounds, setting, colors to match the theme and the model skin color. Also, the sound has to be accurate, any other sound in the room has to be limited.
After all this only one thing make me realize how hard is to photoshoot some else. My supervisor told me that if your subject is not perfectly comfortable, even if you have the best equipment in the world your project will fail. Making your subject good is the best way to make your project work, even if you have to lie to them.


One very important fact that I learn on this internship was that a lot of people think that because graphic designers can create art, we are able to work with anything that is giving to us. On the fifth week of my internship, I worked on transitions that are going to be displayed on the event coming on May 19. The event is called Save The Date. The point is, the images that the representatives gave us have very bad resolutions, they were pixelated, stretch and even one of them was cut off. Moving on, I told my supervisor how the images were, and asked if he had better images to work on, but he told me to do where ever I could, because those were the images that the department send and they did not understand what it meant when he asked for good resolution images for the project.
In the end, I had to work with those images but I came to realize that in the real world people have a very different idea of what we do. They do not understand even if you show them how bad one sample looks like, they will still ask for the impossible to make.

My Mentor

I haven’t attended to any events yet in my internship, but one person I will consider my mentor would be my supervisor Alberto Vargas, he is calm and has the passion for what he does. Sometimes I lose my passion for my career but watching my supervisor it makes me realize that without it, people does not get very far. It is very important for those who want to build up their own carriers and personalities. Meeting the right people always pay off in the future and I believe my supervisor is the first of many that I will meet to achieve my goals on this field.

Collaborative Project

One of the projects that I enjoy the most was a birthday card. I was put in a team of three people to prepare ideas and come up with solutions for this project. The main idea is about an alumni program that the college offers to any graduates students. They help them after they graduate to find jobs or opportunities for a job. Moving on, the alumni program had the idea to give birthday cards to students on their birthdays. The card had to be multicultural but it had to have some resemble from the school. Three people were put to the task, at first we came up with different variations for the card but in the end, we worked separately with our own unique ideas.
The second week after we had all our ideas ready. We presented the cards to the director of the alumni program. At first, it was a little challenging because I haven’t done that kind of presentation in the real world, but the director was very calm and understood everything we told her about our ideas. If the end she choice the best ideas that each of us had and work on finals solutions and gave them to our supervisor for finals touches.

The Lesson of Patience

One project that I work on was for a film that professor Vargas was working on, but the project was taking too long. Patience is one of the merits that I learn from this project. My supervisor kept changing his mind in any detail for the animation. From changing the files name to changing the wording and ending of frames. The ending of the video has to say image and visual communications with city tech on top and communications in the bottom.
One of the main problems with this project was that it had to be in less than five seconds and in fourth stages. Transitions between every stage have a different effect, I had to look for fast solutions that went along in time without disturbing the key message. Which is the department of an image and visual communications? The First stage had a camera lens effect, the second was the transition from the camera lens to the logo of the department. Where the type will be shown in two more stages. First, Image and visual, followed by the city tech and communications and one final sound for the point of the letter i.

PS: due to security Measures I can not publish videos on this website but I’ll put the video on my website later this week.

The Camera Trick

I feel comfortable in the job. But that could be bad for future opportunities that may present. I feel that I am not having the rush that other interns may have. I am learning a lot, but I have yet to experience the pressure of having a project due in the next day or even hour. There was only one time where we have to rush to take a five thousand clipper ceiling board from a display. But besides that, my internship is being pretty easy going with no pressure.
For now, I have work on animations and nothing really similar to graphic design. I like that I am learning a lot, and I feel that I will use the new skills that I am acquiring. One of the new experiences that I had was to be in the photo filming that my supervisor was doing. Every sound in the room had to be shut down in order to get the film going but even with everyone quit there was still a sound in the background that we could not figure out where was coming from until the very end where we took everything down. It was the air conditioner with the air doing the annoying noise.
I also learn that you have to keep your subject comfortable to make sure your film comes as you wanted. If they feel nervous, we have to come up with ideas to make them feel that they are not being filming. Even just asking random questions or joking around with them gives more results than when they know the camera is on and going. For example, for this project our subject didn’t even realize that she was being videotaped and she was answering every question very easy. But when she was told that the camera was going to turn on the whole atmosphere change, she could not answer the same questions that she asked when she did not know that the camera was on. That was a phenomenal experience that I will remember for future projects.

Save the Date


One of the projects that I work on was for the Save The Date, a program that is sponsor by a company named Best of New York. The event is going to take place in May nineteen. For this project, I and another intern work on animations and video editing for the ceremony. We did not really cooperate with each other due to time and days that we work. At the end, my work ends up to be the one selected for the project. Professor Vargas walk me over any other details that needed to be changed to get the final result.
The project itself was pretty simple, but the only hard part was that by the end I have to create a watercolor effect which took me longer to produce. I try to make the effect as natural as possible but due to lack of knowledge, the result was not to my like it. Even though the other interns like what I did I know I could have done something much better.

Rules In The Job

This company is multicultural, having the responsibility for people around the globe they also are from all over the places, Asia, South America and many other places. Even my supervisor is from Mexico. The college is multinational, from all the students in it, only twelve percent are Caucasian, the led majority is by Hispanics and Black, with thirty-two and thirty-one percent respectably.
The company does not have a specific dress code, but I try to dress casual but in a good looking way. Most of the other employees do the same, except the senior directors and heads of departments, they dress formal and properly for their jobs. Also, they have their own private offices while everyone else work outside in open areas.
The most important people always get the earliest to work and the ones that stay the latest. Everyone else starts work at ten in the morning the lunch time does not have a specific time. All employees get their lunch when they feel hungry. In the case for interns, we wait for our supervisor to tell us when we can have lunch. If our supervisor is not in during the day, we always take the lunch break around one the afternoon.

Getting My Internship

The companies’ name is image and visual communication from the New York City College of Technology. My supervisor’s name is Alberto Vargas, he and together with his college plan the artistically part for any event provided to the college. Coming up with the main ideas for projects is their priority role while interns and other graphic designers work on prototypes. They select the best ones and build up any sets necessary for any projects that come along.
I was fortunate enough to be selected for this project after I turn down another one that I interview with. A week before I was involved with the image and visual department I apply for several other companies, including Exist Strategy, a company for publishing and web development, but because of lack of resources and less work than I was expecting I had to turn them down. One week after I apply for a magazine company called Hunt Magazine and the image and visual communications department. After two days pass, I received a called from Professor Vargas giving me an interview and the opportunity to work with him and his team.
The interview was on one to one person. He asked questions about what I was aiming for, my major and what software I knew. After I received the called, the interview was on the same day during the afternoon. It lasted about fifteen minutes before he gives the answer to work with him. He explains the rules and what was expecting from me. After that, I started my internship the week after.

Introduction To The Company

The company it is a department within the college to help with the advertisement, fundraising, development, and communication. The department is divided into four small branches that are in charge of the benefit for the college. The branches are Institutional advisement office, development office, Office of visual and communications, and communications. Each of this small departments has specific roles within the company, the company being the college. Such as funding money, advertising the image of the college, writing stories that relate to the college and his students, or even helping students that already graduate.
The department is located at sixteen court street Brooklyn NY, but it is a temporary building while the main office is being remodeled. The Main client for this department is the college, but on special occasions, specific offices have their own clients. For instance, the Alumni Association is more related to students that already graduate from the college, this office is in charge of helping each student outside the college, being them their primary clients, the director of this association is Jessica Malavez who is also in charge of the management of fundraising for the school. That includes private and public institutions that help the college monetary. Also, because the college is a public institution, this department is also considering public.
Most of this offices were found when the college was found on 1946, but others come along after such as communications and Alumni Association. There have been a lot of changes to the college, all these departments are the one ones that make a student lives easier and less frustrated.
Some articles that I found were written by the department of communications. One of them being “City Tech Students Win Awards at international Film Festival”. This article tells the story of how city tech students achieve an award winning a national film festival in Hollywood. Another article was the “City Tech students create wine blends at red hook winery”. This time, students took a tour to the world of wine, where they feel the experience of how to create wine. They tested and selected grapes to create their particular wine, they also chose the type of food that will relate more to the taste of the wine.
The area that I work is the department for Image and Visual Communication. Where I work with other three interns. We specialize on the advertisement for the college. We come up with ideas and new methods to achieve our supervisor’s expatiations.  I and another student are working on animations and ending for videos that he is told to do. We come up with new ideas and if our supervisor likes it, we get to work on the digital form. Looking everything in one perspective is challenging, for example, if you are not familiar with the software, you may get behind, but on the other hand you have the opportunity to learn and experience new computers software that may help you in the future.