Introduction To The Company

The company it is a department within the college to help with the advertisement, fundraising, development, and communication. The department is divided into four small branches that are in charge of the benefit for the college. The branches are Institutional advisement office, development office, Office of visual and communications, and communications. Each of this small departments has specific roles within the company, the company being the college. Such as funding money, advertising the image of the college, writing stories that relate to the college and his students, or even helping students that already graduate.
The department is located at sixteen court street Brooklyn NY, but it is a temporary building while the main office is being remodeled. The Main client for this department is the college, but on special occasions, specific offices have their own clients. For instance, the Alumni Association is more related to students that already graduate from the college, this office is in charge of helping each student outside the college, being them their primary clients, the director of this association is Jessica Malavez who is also in charge of the management of fundraising for the school. That includes private and public institutions that help the college monetary. Also, because the college is a public institution, this department is also considering public.
Most of this offices were found when the college was found on 1946, but others come along after such as communications and Alumni Association. There have been a lot of changes to the college, all these departments are the one ones that make a student lives easier and less frustrated.
Some articles that I found were written by the department of communications. One of them being “City Tech Students Win Awards at international Film Festival”. This article tells the story of how city tech students achieve an award winning a national film festival in Hollywood. Another article was the “City Tech students create wine blends at red hook winery”. This time, students took a tour to the world of wine, where they feel the experience of how to create wine. They tested and selected grapes to create their particular wine, they also chose the type of food that will relate more to the taste of the wine.
The area that I work is the department for Image and Visual Communication. Where I work with other three interns. We specialize on the advertisement for the college. We come up with ideas and new methods to achieve our supervisor’s expatiations.  I and another student are working on animations and ending for videos that he is told to do. We come up with new ideas and if our supervisor likes it, we get to work on the digital form. Looking everything in one perspective is challenging, for example, if you are not familiar with the software, you may get behind, but on the other hand you have the opportunity to learn and experience new computers software that may help you in the future.