Rules In The Job

This company is multicultural, having the responsibility for people around the globe they also are from all over the places, Asia, South America and many other places. Even my supervisor is from Mexico. The college is multinational, from all the students in it, only twelve percent are Caucasian, the led majority is by Hispanics and Black, with thirty-two and thirty-one percent respectably.
The company does not have a specific dress code, but I try to dress casual but in a good looking way. Most of the other employees do the same, except the senior directors and heads of departments, they dress formal and properly for their jobs. Also, they have their own private offices while everyone else work outside in open areas.
The most important people always get the earliest to work and the ones that stay the latest. Everyone else starts work at ten in the morning the lunch time does not have a specific time. All employees get their lunch when they feel hungry. In the case for interns, we wait for our supervisor to tell us when we can have lunch. If our supervisor is not in during the day, we always take the lunch break around one the afternoon.