Getting My Internship

The companies’ name is image and visual communication from the New York City College of Technology. My supervisor’s name is Alberto Vargas, he and together with his college plan the artistically part for any event provided to the college. Coming up with the main ideas for projects is their priority role while interns and other graphic designers work on prototypes. They select the best ones and build up any sets necessary for any projects that come along.
I was fortunate enough to be selected for this project after I turn down another one that I interview with. A week before I was involved with the image and visual department I apply for several other companies, including Exist Strategy, a company for publishing and web development, but because of lack of resources and less work than I was expecting I had to turn them down. One week after I apply for a magazine company called Hunt Magazine and the image and visual communications department. After two days pass, I received a called from Professor Vargas giving me an interview and the opportunity to work with him and his team.
The interview was on one to one person. He asked questions about what I was aiming for, my major and what software I knew. After I received the called, the interview was on the same day during the afternoon. It lasted about fifteen minutes before he gives the answer to work with him. He explains the rules and what was expecting from me. After that, I started my internship the week after.