Collaborative Project

One of the projects that I enjoy the most was a birthday card. I was put in a team of three people to prepare ideas and come up with solutions for this project. The main idea is about an alumni program that the college offers to any graduates students. They help them after they graduate to find jobs or opportunities for a job. Moving on, the alumni program had the idea to give birthday cards to students on their birthdays. The card had to be multicultural but it had to have some resemble from the school. Three people were put to the task, at first we came up with different variations for the card but in the end, we worked separately with our own unique ideas.
The second week after we had all our ideas ready. We presented the cards to the director of the alumni program. At first, it was a little challenging because I haven’t done that kind of presentation in the real world, but the director was very calm and understood everything we told her about our ideas. If the end she choice the best ideas that each of us had and work on finals solutions and gave them to our supervisor for finals touches.