One very important fact that I learn on this internship was that a lot of people think that because graphic designers can create art, we are able to work with anything that is giving to us. On the fifth week of my internship, I worked on transitions that are going to be displayed on the event coming on May 19. The event is called Save The Date. The point is, the images that the representatives gave us have very bad resolutions, they were pixelated, stretch and even one of them was cut off. Moving on, I told my supervisor how the images were, and asked if he had better images to work on, but he told me to do where ever I could, because those were the images that the department send and they did not understand what it meant when he asked for good resolution images for the project.
In the end, I had to work with those images but I came to realize that in the real world people have a very different idea of what we do. They do not understand even if you show them how bad one sample looks like, they will still ask for the impossible to make.