The Lesson of Patience

One project that I work on was for a film that professor Vargas was working on, but the project was taking too long. Patience is one of the merits that I learn from this project. My supervisor kept changing his mind in any detail for the animation. From changing the files name to changing the wording and ending of frames. The ending of the video has to say image and visual communications with city tech on top and communications in the bottom.
One of the main problems with this project was that it had to be in less than five seconds and in fourth stages. Transitions between every stage have a different effect, I had to look for fast solutions that went along in time without disturbing the key message. Which is the department of an image and visual communications? The First stage had a camera lens effect, the second was the transition from the camera lens to the logo of the department. Where the type will be shown in two more stages. First, Image and visual, followed by the city tech and communications and one final sound for the point of the letter i.

PS: due to security Measures I can not publish videos on this website but I’ll put the video on my website later this week.