The Camera Trick

I feel comfortable in the job. But that could be bad for future opportunities that may present. I feel that I am not having the rush that other interns may have. I am learning a lot, but I have yet to experience the pressure of having a project due in the next day or even hour. There was only one time where we have to rush to take a five thousand clipper ceiling board from a display. But besides that, my internship is being pretty easy going with no pressure.
For now, I have work on animations and nothing really similar to graphic design. I like that I am learning a lot, and I feel that I will use the new skills that I am acquiring. One of the new experiences that I had was to be in the photo filming that my supervisor was doing. Every sound in the room had to be shut down in order to get the film going but even with everyone quit there was still a sound in the background that we could not figure out where was coming from until the very end where we took everything down. It was the air conditioner with the air doing the annoying noise.
I also learn that you have to keep your subject comfortable to make sure your film comes as you wanted. If they feel nervous, we have to come up with ideas to make them feel that they are not being filming. Even just asking random questions or joking around with them gives more results than when they know the camera is on and going. For example, for this project our subject didn’t even realize that she was being videotaped and she was answering every question very easy. But when she was told that the camera was going to turn on the whole atmosphere change, she could not answer the same questions that she asked when she did not know that the camera was on. That was a phenomenal experience that I will remember for future projects.