Photographer: Doug Young

About the Company

Savory is a private boutique food and beverage firm located in Midtown Manhattan with around 150 employees. Our services include four pillars of business – catering, events/receptions, grab and go, and amenity services. The clients we work with are primarily fortune 100 companies and therefore require extreme attention to detail and due diligence. Savory was founded in 2011 but was bought out by the current CEO shortly after. The company saw a decline in business with COVID-19 but was able to recuperate its losses and gain traction once again in 2022. So far this year, Savory has expanded to have a second location in Long Island City and is contracted with several large managed clients. Within Savory, there are 3 overarching departments and subdivisions of departments within that – Operations, Accounts, and Finance. The Creative Department that I am in is under Operations which is surprising because you never think of design as ops but they are incredibly interlinked.

News Articles

When I googled for news articles in relation to my company, I was pleasantly surprised to find one. I wasn’t expecting to find much as Savory is fairly low profile and back of house and often times other companies with the same name pop up instead. I read the article Savory Appoints Wendy Powell as President, and was very surprised to read about the President I see everyday. The article gave an enlightening perspective on the history of Wendy Powell and Savory before I started working there. It talked about previous catering experience and future goals of the company such as improving client experience and growth.

Photographer: Doug Young

There was also a recent article written in the Southforker by the primary photographer we work with, Doug Young, featuring our Charcuterie Board and highlighting quotes from our CFO, Stephen Cardello. The article brings to light how to curate your own charcuterie board with local cheeses, cured meats, and dried fruits. Food presentation and quality are an integral part of what differentiates Savory from its competitors.


All photographs courtesy of Doug Young

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