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Workplace culture changes the entire dynamic and relationship between employee and employer. Our environment dictates our stress levels, ambitions, and scalability especially at work where we may spend a majority of our time. It’s crucially important that we have a positive and rewarding workplace culture and I feel like I’ve found that with Savory. Savory is fairly informal and casual with an emphasis on community and family. The dress code is business casual as we may host clients or be called off to events. The offices are all open with cubicles and closed door offices reserved for senior level roles and directors. There are large open work areas with lots of socializing and not just about work. Family meal, which is lunch, is provided for everyday for everyone in the office and in the kitchen. Working in hospitality encourages a really rich and comfortable atmosphere and my workplace makes it a point to hire for culture. There have been several instances in the past year where several people were let go because they didn’t fit in with the culture.

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Work Day

Whilst we do have incredibly good company culture, the hours of the day can really drag on. It’s in the nature of hospitality to have last minute additions or changes so the environment can be really fast paced. My typical workday is from 8:30 to 4:30 but often times I am staying much later than that. If I am going to an event, I can leave work at 6:30 pm or even later. My director is very lenient on vacation days and sick days so in a way it makes up for it. Savory is also an unlimited PTO company so I’m not stuck to set amount of vacation days. Overall, the workplace culture is fantastic and is one of the driving forces of me staying within this role.

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