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Throughout my journey in corporate, I observed behaviors and mannerisms from the people above me. I made it a point to ask them questions on how to effectively communicate and best practices within the workplace. When I first started in 2021, I felt completely out of place and like I didn’t belong. It took me a while to adjust but what really helped me get comfortable were the women in leadership who made it a point to help me navigate this new scary adult world. I could see myself in these women and I’m lucky to say that one of them is now my director.

My director has taught me not just technical skills that I need to be a better designer but also people skills on how to talk to clients and coworkers. She’s taught me how to firm with my boundaries and also how to talk through discourse. It’s really important as a woman in design that I see other women in design flourishing and thriving in their positions. It gives me hope and excitement that one day that will also be me. Mentorship and role models are incredibly important to your personal and professional development.

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