Photo by Cytonn Photography:

Ethics in Graphic Design 2a

In many instances of my job, imagery is required for either menu stands or signage. Clients like to see the food that they are receiving but sometimes we are not able to take beautiful photoshoot like photos for every single item. In those cases, we use stock photos such as from pexels or unsplash. We try to use our imagery in most cases but for when we can’t, these are the websites we use. Attribution is not always required and is dependent on each photo.

I also use open source fonts and graphics such as from adobe fonts or the noun project. It is important to always read whether something is available for commercial or personal use in the copyright fine print. If I am using another artist’s work, I am sure to always credit them and add citations.

Ethics in Graphic Design 2b

After reading about the Shepherd Fairey case, I see the importance of copyright laws to protect artists and their work. For non-artists, it may not seem like a big deal to copy or steal someones work but an artist’s livelihood and individuality is at stake. Not only that, but the loss of revenue and profit can be detrimental to someone’s career especially in the case of the “Hope” poster. Shepherd Fairey is a great example of what can happen if you don’t follow the law and properly attribute the artist. It’s important to be ethical and moral in our design work and attribute any other artist’s work we may use.


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