Photo by cottonbro studio:

Late last year, the CFO decided to instate a monthly newsletter highlighting business updates, employee spotlights, and milestones. He gave the project to the Creative Team and I took it from there. I used the New York Times as my inspiration for the layout and typography and called it “The Savory Tribune”. Many of my colleagues look forward to it every month since it includes promotions, birthdays, and fun recipes as well. We even include games like crossword puzzles or anagrams! Since there is a lot of sensitive information in them, I won’t be able to share the actual document in detail with you all.

To create the newsletter, I primarily use Adobe InDesign. It includes a lot of collaboration from the Human Resources Team to even the President of the company weighing in on what they’d like to see in the next issue. We also set up and conduct the interviews for each employee spotlight. Design principles and thinking are a key element to making it look aesthetically pleasing to everyone. Overall, its a reoccurring project every month that gives me a chance to be creative and have fun!

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