Photographer: Adrika Hoque

The Simply Savory sticker redesign project has been the largest project so far this year. It includes a complete packaging overhaul from containers to stickers. We will no longer be printing these stickers in house but will instead be sending them to a third party vendor. In order to accomplish this, we needed to collaborate with multiple departments such as operations, logistics, and culinary. The initial design was created by my director and the team and I had to take it from there. We had to confirm all information was correct since you don’t want to send something to print only to realize later there was a typo!

Each sticker had to be resized for each container and design had to match brand guidelines. My director gave me the opportunity to lead many aspects of this project which helped strengthen my leadership and delegation skills. Last week we were finally able to send the first batch of stickers to print. As this project started in March, I am relieved to finally be near the finish line!

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