One of the earliest projects and tasks I was given when I first started my role was social media content creation and management. At the time, there was a social media manager who managed the social media accounts and ads of the company. I was tasked to create engaging, modern, and on brand content for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. When I first started, I created a social media analysis deck where I did some research and development into our current methods and came up with some fresh new ideas to move us forward. I took on more of a hand drawn approach to make it more approachable and incorporated my design thinking through updated typography and imagery. The food and beverage industry can be incredibly fun to design for because of the wide spectrum of directions you can take. There are more casual and everyday brands like McDonalds and there are more upscale brands but Savory is somewhere in the middle. The social media was adapted to fit the audience of Savory better who are primarily women 25 – 45.

Most designs are created through Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The composition of the photo really matters with food because the goal is to make it look as appetizing as possible. I can spend many hours on Adobe Fonts sourcing great copyright free fonts as well as thinking about color palette and how to diversify content. My director is pretty hands off and really likes when I take lead and direction. I also sometimes schedule ads after tracking analytics and seeing which content performs the best. Creating video content and short form content like TikTok or Instagram reels is also another aspect of content creation that I also do and that incorporates more animation and motion design. Overall, this is a part of my job that I really enjoy and get to have more creative freedom with.

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