Job History

I currently work as a Creative Coordinator in the Creative Department with my Creative Director and a Creative Assistant. Creative has a hand in all aspects of the business from client facing design and events to backend operations and logistics. I started off at Savory Hospitality as an Administrative Assistant in September 2021. Since there were still a lot of COVID restrictions at the time, I had a short phone interview and then came in for an in-person interview. I interviewed with the now CFO and VP of Operations and was offered the job on the spot. They proceeded to ask me about my job history and experience and I also let them know I would be starting college soon. Shortly after, I wanted to transition into the Creative department. I emailed my current director in April 2022 and was given the position of Creative Assistant. Now a year later, I’ve been promoted to Creative Coordinator.

Role & Responsibilities

In my role, I’m responsible for marketing material, social media, brand strategy, design operations, and many more things. This is a pretty multifaceted design role with a small team so I get to have a hand in pretty much everything from event coordination to decks and presentations. I’ve redesigned the website, various packaging, and entire menus in the past year and I’m slated to do a lot more. We work heavily within Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. There is also a more hands on design aspect with my job where I take on the creative direction of events and go onsite.

One new skill I’m learning is delegation and leadership. It can feel overwhelming with a small team and so learning how to prioritize and shift tasks around can make or break the work day. Learning also how to speak to people within power dynamics and being able to maintain a good relationship with coworkers and employees can be tricky. It’s a complex role to go from being an individual contributor to a managerial role but I think it’s all worth it in the end.

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