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4/11/16 Jax Media

930-530. (8hrs)

First thing i did when i got in was i was tasked to deliver a hard drive with the new pilot of a new comedy series we might start working on to another office in the city so they can check/review it. Parabolic 18w 21st street. I was Ā given so taxi fair and sent on my way, once i got there i met the man behind the desk on the 5th floor and dropped off the drive. Then came back.

Will finish later, this was fresh in my head so i posted this for now.

Jax Media 4/8/16

930-530 (8hrs)

So far today i have been working on my piece today, i scored it and added some sound effects. Such as crickets, and sounds of a car driving by. From It’s hard trying to find the perfect sound effect but it’s all about what you personally think will work in the scene or scenes.

One of the assistant editors julian is not hear today. I’m guessing he is sick. So i have to and kind of want to wait till next week (monday) to show him and joe my piece because he helped me out when i had questions in avid and i want him to see it as well. This piece is just practice for me, practice is good because you learn more if you practice. And like they say practice makes perfect.

Now we must watch down a finished episode and take note of any issue, then i am done for the day.

4/4/16 Jax Media

930-530. 8hrs.

(Screen shots by me.)

Always remember to make sure audio and video as matched/synched up correctly.

If it’s not you will have a hard time editing.

So i was having trouble with the project i am helping with at internship today. . Because i needed some “Specific Audio” for the episode i am working on and it was on another timeline.. And i was having issues copying it to my timeline from another sequence/timeline. So i was told today about the “Toggle Source/Record Button”

Because i needed to add audio to this section on the bottom green is video blue is audio.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.52.39 PM

The Toggle Source/Record in Timeline button allows you to view multitrack source material quickly in the Timeline for selecting and marking specific tracks. Ā I used this in all of my editing to select specific portion of my sequence for editing into my new timeline.

This below is what the clip looks like when not toggle source/record timeline is not activated.


.Screen Shot Step 2Ā Screen Shot Step 4

Screen Shot Step 3Ā Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.00.18 PM

As you can see its the green thing. In both places.

Then you shift command A to de=select all you audio/video. Than you select the track you want and press T on the keyboard.

and it should mark exactly what you need, and than press O to mark an outpoint in timeline.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.58.23 PM

Than you command C to copy it.

Than you go back to your timeline the one you need add it.

By pressing command V.

And wa-la.

It took me forever to figured this all out. But i asked for help and i learned something new.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.02.51 PM


4/1/16 Jax Media.

930-630 9Hrs.

Today was april fools day.

The assistant editors told have me an episode and told me to pieceĀ it together for practice which i did and enjoyed doing. I ran into an issue though because two people in my office space who were not editors were being very loud and annoying. So it was a hassle to get my work done, and they opened the blinds which gave my computer screen a bad glair.

I was told today how to add filler. Filler is blank space you can add if you need lets say put something such as B-Roll in between a scene. It was helpful.

Towards the end of my edit someone walked im and i didnt know who it was. It took me 5 minutes to realize Julie Klausner was in the building. (She is the lead actress on the show were editing. (Show is called Difficult People it’s currently in season 2). I realizedĀ it and was excited and than just got back to my work. I also learned today that MAKEUP DOES WONDERS.

I also learned that when i do my culmination i need to invest in an avid keyboard. Because it has all the shortcut keys on it. At school id have to have a printout copy of the shortcut commands.

At every studio they use this type of keyboard. It’s expensive but it’s worth the investment i believe.

It’s almost 6pm and for the rest of the day i was told i am going to watch the assiant editors for my last 20 minutes.



Jax Media 3/28/16

9:30-540pm. 8hrs.

Today i learned and worked on some audio editing and mixing.

They gave me 3 clips to work with. One spoofed the movie the shining.

My job so far is to add sound effects that i find online and music where i feel the need to. I must also make it crescendo and decrescendo in Cretan spots.I looked for a car crash effect but i needed to be subtile in the background. And the Shining scene the assistant editors told me to go with what i think makes sense for the scene.

3/11/16 Jax Media Internship.

930-630. (9Hrs).

So on 3/11 I was my birthday. And I had a great day at internship. The first thing I was asked to do for that day was that the assistant editors needed help finding B-Roll footage online. (Can’t say site) But they needed specific footage of an Exterior of a High School Gym at Night. I found it pretty easy on the site I was givin to search with. The last B-Roll they needed was A fewĀ Panning Wide Shots of New York City. This took me awhile because their many choices I could pick from and I had to decide myself what was the best to use. Later on in the afternoon there was not much to do. So the Assistant Editors taught me a few tricks in avid that I never knew about and found very helpful. Such as using the Avid calculator to help with total run time. Julian also told me that organization is key when it comes to avid. Everything has to be in the right places and folders so if someone has to get on your machine or needs a copy of your work. Editors and other staff can easily find it.

3/7/16 Jax Media

930-530 8Hrs.

This morning i copied a bunch of papers. For one of the assistant editors. Currently i am organizing music files in Avid Symphony. I kept on editing the music oritng it by genre and tempo alot of it was old punk and indie rock bands that i’v never heard of. Music was meh but the over task was enjoyable if that makes sense.

3/4/16 Internship JAX

Today i worked from 9-5.

I worked on typing up some one liner continuity posts. (Basically a brief script containing one sentenceĀ describingĀ what each sceneĀ about with characters and if it’s a day night or evening scene. That took up most of my day. They used one of my sheets yesterday and thanked me alot for doing it. The continuity sheets are annoying they say because it’s alot and preview crashes often. but i enjoy doing them. of typing But towards the end to the day i was shown shortcuts for exporting footage. And i was told to analyze a episode of there hulu series they are working on “Difficult People”. They are currently working on season two editing.Ā I was able to watch an unreleased episode (Not on hulu yet) Ā they were cutting before it was to be sent off to potentially be cut and shortened down some more.

Internship JAX MEDIA 2/29/16

Today was my first day at Jax Media i workedĀ from 1030am till 630pm. 8hrs.

Today i was shown around the facilities the kitchen the editing stations which were pretty amazing. For the most part of the day i was typing up continuity editing cut scrips for a show on hulu called Difficult People this company is working on. It is a lot of typing but i enjoyed it. I had to sort it by day/night of shoot # and a brief description of the scene. The show is quite funny overall. Friday i will be doing much more work and even more hands on things. I work mondays and fridays. (7 and 30 mins Hours Total Worked Today.)



Internship 2/14/16

9-30-530. Ā 8hrs.

So i am now working at Jax Media in the city working media post production. The company does editing for the Jim Jaffigan show on/for Tv Land and other shows including some that are streamed on Hulu.

Tony Hernandez i will be working for/with. I will find out more information in the next few days and i am going to start on Monday and learn. I will hope to. No i know i will gain more knowledge in the post production and production field in general. And this will all benefit me in the future overall.