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What did I learn from importing, organizing, and sorting through the footage?


I realized that importing footage takes time and can’t be done in 30 seconds. Sorting through all the footage was also long, but IT WAS necessary in helping me decide what footage was useable for the project.


What did I learn from watching the original scenes I was trying to recreate?


I learned that no scene is “perfect.” The videos I am working on are not going to be exactly the same as the actual scenes from the real movies themselves.

What did I learn from the editing process?


The endeavor is very long and it takes time and to watch the footage before editing.   I did not want to make mistake that other students make by editing a piece as I go (watching the footage while editing). Keeping this in mind, I watched the footage multiple times before actually starting to edit.

4/29/16 Jax Media Last Day.

8-6pm. (10hrs)

I wasn’t feeling good when i got home from internship that dar so i went right to sleep and it is why i didn’t do this post on Friday.

Today was my last day at this internship because Jax Media was wrapping up post production on the series we are/were working on.

Today, i finally 100% fished my piece and the AE’s thought it was great, saying almost all of my audio and video was synched perfectly. However they had one minor issue and that was in one section it called for music but i put in a sound effect, instead. The Ae’s told me that it worked but normally when the writers call for music in a certain scene/section you should probably put in music.

The people at this office were really friendly and got along with everyone and they always liked that i was eager to learn new shortcuts and techniques.

I learned a lot of new shortcut’s and got to work an an AVID Keyboard, which until this internship i have never used before. I also got out of this, that it’s always important to review and watch your work many times over because you might find a small error each time that you might have to correct.

Overall! This was a great experience and all that i have learned will 100% help me in future towards being an Assistant Editor!


4/28/16 Jax Media

8-6pm. (10hrs)

Today so far has been really busy, because the company i am interning is almost wrapping up with this show we are working on.

One of the AE’S lost an audio file of a song thy were using so i was tasked into finding again. And to find a few other songs (7 others) they could use as well for there piece. I then had to categorize via there genre such as pop, etc. I’v had to do this before it can get tedious, but i enjoy doing this.

Ill let you all know how the rest of the day is going later, when i finish this post.

4/27/16 Jax Media

8-6pm. (10hrs) Will Finish Post Later.

So today was crazy busy, alot is going on so far. All i have done so far today was categorize audio files today by different genres such, as pop, rock, metal. Then i was tasked with finding b-roll footage again but this time of the Brooklyn Bridge so the ae’s can add it to there work later on in the afternoon.

4/26/16 Jax Media

8-6pm. (10hrs)

So far today, iv been doing some audio corrections on my piece.

When it is done hopefully i can export and keep a copy for myself for others who want to see what i do.

Im supposed to deliver an hard drive later somewhere on spring street i walked it and on the way back i got drenched from the rain, wasn’t fun but i did what i had to.

4/25/16 Jax Media.

8-6pm. (10hrs)

Today they needed me to come in early to deliver some hard drives all over town.

So i am leaving now because i have to deliver some stuff and my boss just told me to call at each destination. Than said i can go home. They really liked my worked today. I figured out how to reverse audio, i.e play it backwards which was cool, and i used the effect on a foot steps sound effect. It turns out post ends here on Wednesday so it will be my last day of internship then.

4/22/16 Jax Media.

930-530. (8hrs)

Today i was told to re work on my piece and touch it up and fix a few minor transitions, which i did. Also i have to synch up my audio and video since i am leaving soon i will continue on this till i go home and hopefully finish this all up on monday.

4/18/16 Jax Media

(9-5pm) (8hrs).

Today i finished up my editing piece. I was bummed because the assistant editors were really busy today, so i have to wait till friday for there feedback. I was told today as well to look for certain sound effects for a new pilot for a tv show that is current being started/worked on. (Can’t say the name of the show just yet.)

4/15/16 Jax Media

930-530 (8hrs)

So far today i am still working my piece. I’v watched it over a few times. Because i want it to be amazing. While watching it over a few times you always pick up small errors you did not notice the last time you watched your footage. This happened to me a few times so i have to keep working on this piece and by the end of my time here today it should be 100% done.

(Add more later.)