The editing software I will be using is called Media Composer 8.5, made by Avid Technology. I will also be using a Logic Keyboard for Avid Media Composer, made by Logitech, which has “Colored specific hotkeys” on the actual keyboard itself and “Each key has a specific function” when it comes to editing in Media Composer 8.5.


I am tasked with mixing and finding and adding Audio & Sound Effects to these video i am working on. I will also be working with shots from different angles as well as adjusting and fine-tuning the color for part of the scenes. (Color Correction).  I will be learning this and much more techniques from textbooks such as Media Composer 6: Part 1 Editing Essentials as well as viewing Online tutorials.

Below is a list of i do before i actually start editing in avid in order. Then i will briefly explain what Color Correction is.


  1. Import media into the Raw partition on my hard external hard drive. (Raw footage) & open Media Composer 8.5. And set up my project settings.
  2. screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-2-03-34-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-14-at-2-03-09-pm
  3. Now I am going to create my Avid interface. (I set up my hotkeys. Set up Key functions the way I want?) Then create my 4 bins in avid. They all different serve different purposes. And are meant to keep editor the organized while he is editing. And I put the footage in my clips bin.
  • I have a bin that holds Audio/sound effects I’m using.
  • A bin for Full Video’s. (Sequences) (This bin hold’s the difference sequences you have been putting together.)
  • A bin for Clips where I store the Raw Imported Footage I am working with.
  • And an FX bin for any Effects or Transitions I might be using.


  1. Then I create my timeline. This is where I do the editing. It is where your audio and video tracks are. You can create multiple tracks for what you need. (Example of what a timeline looks life with information in it.



  1. BEFORE I actually start editing (Making cuts.). I review/watch footage so I KNOW EXACTLY what I am working with.
  2. Then I get down to editing.

Color Correct/Color Grading

When Color Correcting/Color Grading your goal as the Editor is to:

  • Fixing exposure problems
  • Fixing white balance problems
  • Removing distractions: Isolating and manipulating annoying elements that prevent shots from matching each other.
  • Creating looks: Stylizing an image to indicate a flashback, dream sequence, or re-creation (my case) or simply to give the entire project a unique feel.