Andrew Di Lapi


Throughout this project I used my knowledge of video editing and documentation to put together two video pieces. I came across some difficulties along the way such as:


  • Finding time to meet with my director.
  • Trying to find the right sound effects and music that would work well with the two video pieces.
  • Understanding how to use color correction in more depth/detail while editing the two video pieces.
  • Understanding the pace of each video.


I was able to overcome these difficulties by:

  • Scheduling dates and times where the director was able to come into school and look at the footage I was editing for him.
  • Finding the right sound effects & music, and inserting them into Media Composer in the correct place on the timeline and replaying the scene’s to figure out which ones worked and which ones didn’t.
  • Reading my textbook where it explains color correction as well as exploring tutorial videos showing advanced methods and techniques involving the usage of color correction, and how I could implement these while working.
  • Trying out different music and slowing down the speed of the audio. As well as extending or shorting the length of some of the video clips i was working with.

If i were to this again I would defiantly work more with pacing. Such as slowing and extending the actual clips i was working because I know a lot more about pacing then when I started this project. Because even though i know more about pacing there is always even more to learn.