3/11/16 Jax Media Internship.

930-630. (9Hrs).

So on 3/11 I was my birthday. And I had a great day at internship. The first thing I was asked to do for that day was that the assistant editors needed help finding B-Roll footage online. (Can’t say site) But they needed specific footage of an Exterior of a High School Gym at Night. I found it pretty easy on the site I was givin to search with. The last B-Roll they needed was A few Panning Wide Shots of New York City. This took me awhile because their many choices I could pick from and I had to decide myself what was the best to use. Later on in the afternoon there was not much to do. So the Assistant Editors taught me a few tricks in avid that I never knew about and found very helpful. Such as using the Avid calculator to help with total run time. Julian also told me that organization is key when it comes to avid. Everything has to be in the right places and folders so if someone has to get on your machine or needs a copy of your work. Editors and other staff can easily find it.

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