4/1/16 Jax Media.

930-630 9Hrs.

Today was april fools day.

The assistant editors told have me an episode and told me to piece it together for practice which i did and enjoyed doing. I ran into an issue though because two people in my office space who were not editors were being very loud and annoying. So it was a hassle to get my work done, and they opened the blinds which gave my computer screen a bad glair.

I was told today how to add filler. Filler is blank space you can add if you need lets say put something such as B-Roll in between a scene. It was helpful.

Towards the end of my edit someone walked im and i didnt know who it was. It took me 5 minutes to realize Julie Klausner was in the building. (She is the lead actress on the show were editing. (Show is called Difficult People it’s currently in season 2). I realized it and was excited and than just got back to my work. I also learned today that MAKEUP DOES WONDERS.

I also learned that when i do my culmination i need to invest in an avid keyboard. Because it has all the shortcut keys on it. At school id have to have a printout copy of the shortcut commands.

At every studio they use this type of keyboard. It’s expensive but it’s worth the investment i believe.

It’s almost 6pm and for the rest of the day i was told i am going to watch the assiant editors for my last 20 minutes.



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