3/4/16 Internship JAX

Today i worked from 9-5.

I worked on typing up some one liner continuity posts. (Basically a brief script containing one sentenceĀ describingĀ what each sceneĀ about with characters and if it’s a day night or evening scene. That took up most of my day. They used one of my sheets yesterday and thanked me alot for doing it. The continuity sheets are annoying they say because it’s alot and preview crashes often. but i enjoy doing them. of typing But towards the end to the day i was shown shortcuts for exporting footage. And i was told to analyze a episode of there hulu series they are working on “Difficult People”. They are currently working on season two editing.Ā I was able to watch an unreleased episode (Not on hulu yet) Ā they were cutting before it was to be sent off to potentially be cut and shortened down some more.

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