Raymond Hood and the Rockefeller Center

Stephens Suzanne.  AR Past and Present

Architectural Record: Vol. 194 Issue 2, February 2006

This article gives a short and brief description of the famous architect Raymond Hood and his most acknowledged structure the Rockefeller Center. It also gives a small description of the Rockefeller Center’s interior. This article is relevant because a building interior is essential as well as its exterior. Raymond Hood brilliance in constructing the building’s interior is more superior to the building’s exterior. It is very important to establish and interior because that’s what keeps the structure standing. There’s a great connection with this article because Raymond Hood is a masterful architect and without a description of an architect’s structure the building may seem platitudinous. The article may be short but it’s delineate.

Raymond Mathewson Hood

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, November 1, 2011

This biography provides background information of the architect Raymond Hood. It speaks of Hood’s birth, education, colleagues, and accomplishments. It is crucial to provide some information of the architect that was responsible of creating the structures they do because without this information one won’t be able to understand their ideas. This is essential to a building such as the Rockefeller center. It is important to know and architect’s background because they have developed this ability to create structures through their childhood. This is a really interesting biography because Hood is exquisite and passionate for architecture.

Ulrich Maximilian Schumann: Public Space in the Skyscraper City


This article talked about the up and coming skyscraper era. It also shows images of the Rockefeller Center back in early 1930’s. The article talks about the plans of John Rockefeller Jr. who is also the founder of the Rockefeller Center, and how the Rockefeller Center is seen as radial point of Manhattan and everything else is seen as concentric. I find this article highly essential because it most importantly provides images of the Rockefeller Center as a brand new structure and these images could be compared with how it looks today. There are a few changes as far as land development. This article is quite interesting and the images bring a sense of imagery.

Rockefeller Center

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, November 1, 2011

This reference entry gives a explicate description of the Rockefeller Center. It gives a description of where the building is located; what architectural style was used to design the structure; when was the building constructed to when it was completed; people who designed specific parts of the building such as Paul Manship who created the Prometheus; the activities and things the building has, and John D. Rockefeller who the building was sponsored by. This is indispensable because this is mostly what the topic is all about. This provides the platform for different ideas like the buildings blueprints, the architect’s sketches of the building, the neighborhood that was there before the building’s construction. This is a simple but potent description because it’s the ignition for different supporting ideas.

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Annotated Bibliography

“The History of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.” N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Dec. 2012. <http://http://www.saintpatrickscathedral.org/about_history.php>.

This research uses data from an organization that belongs to the church itself. It is also the official website of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. This information describes the history of Saint Patrick’s and how contributions were a factor that it exists.


Farley, John Murphy. History of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. New York: Society for the Propagation of the Faith, n.d. Print.

This book uses data from the “Society for the propagation of the Faith” which is an international association for prayers, catholic priests, etc. This book describes in full details of the design and history of the church along with the architect’s biography.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral Set To Undergo $177 Million Restoration [New York] 7 July 2012: n. pag. Print.

This is a CBS News source which is truly reliable because of its popularity. The news describes a plan that will put Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in major restoration. Not only that, but several architectural features will be added as well.


Smithsonian Institution Archives, n.d. Web. 5 Dec. 2012. <http://http://siarchives.si.edu/history/exhibits/documents/renwickdrawing.htm>.

This is an educational source that fully describes in details of James Renwick’s life and career. It also has a sketch of a castle made by Renwick.




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The Guggenheim Museum – Valerien Yepes

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is a well-known art museum located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is also referred to as “The Guggenheim”. The Guggenheim Museum was established by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 1939. It adopted its name after the death of Solomon R. Guggenheim in 1952, its founder. The museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed it so it is cylindrical, wider at the top than at the bottom and was conceived as a “temple of the spirit”. The Guggenheim opened to the public on October 21, 1959, and was instantly identified as an architectural landmark after Wright’s death. The unique art gallery found inside extends from a little under the skylight spiraling along the outer edges of the building all the way to the ground level. The building went under many expansions and renovations and may grow even more later on in the years.

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The Metropolitan Life Insurance tower also known as the met life tower is located on madison avenue across from madison square garden.Designed by Napoleon LeBrun & sons it became the tallest building in the world until the completion of the woolworth building in 1913. The tower of the building was built after the initial building. Currently the tower is being converted into the New York Edition hotel.


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The Riverside Church

New York is the city that features the ancient and modern architecture. The Riverside Church is one of the most important, and emblematic Baptist ancient churches established in Manhattan. The Riverside Church is remarkable in all possible ways; from the decoration and spaces inside to the contour and the structure which is strengthened by steel frames. Designed by the firm of Allen, Pelton and Collens. Henry C. Pelton and Charles Collens and conceived by John D. Rockefeller is nowadays the tallest church in The United States. Besides its beauty and the preservation of its architecture, the Riverside Church has been always characterized by the important role that it fulfills with the community. Since its initiation this church has worked as a daycare center, classroom, library and auditorium for people. In addition, The Riverside Church is very well recognized because here it was where the memorable Martin Luther King Jr. gave his biggest speeches; consequently, at the present time The Riverside Church still takes care of the needy people by making movements that help to stop immigration detentions and to help asylum seekers by giving them opportunities for a better living.

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The Woolworth Building


New York City is known for haves skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes.  New York was one of the first city to start building buildings with more than 10 floors. The Woolworth building was designed by Cass Gilbert in 1913. The building was one of the first skyscrapers to be built in the United States. The building has a neo-gothic style and is 792 feet tall. The building has 57 stories and is still one of the fifty tallest buildings in the United States. The building is between park place and Barclay Street in low Manhattan.

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Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building was constructed May 20, 1930 and is located in Manhattan near Turtle Bay. The Chrysler Building is a skyscraper with an Art Deco style being one of the tallest buildings in New York with its height of 1046 feet which was built by William Van Allen. One of the buildings main features is the crown designs with the use of triangular windows. It is the largest brick building with various designs such as eagles and gargoyles. The Chrysler Building is one of the recognized and highly regarded skyscrapers in New York. The Chrysler Building with its unique design and properties serves as an example of what skyscraper designs should aim for.

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Wall Street

Before being known as Wall Street, a tall wall literally stood at the Southern boundary of what was then called New Amsterdam. This wall was created to keep away Native American Tribes from the Colonists. A century later it became one of the greatest trading centers of the world. Better known as the Buttonwood Agreement, this trading began with traders trading around a buttonwood tree. To make their trading a more formal association, the people began to call it the Buttonwood Agreement. This agreement was the seed that created the New York Stock Exchange.

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9/11 Memorial

September 11, 2001 is a black day that Americans will never forget  around 3,000 people lost their lives. The 9/11 Memorial is a structure in honor of  those who we lost in  september 11, 2001 terrorist attack. The memorial are two reflecting pools build in the footprints of the towers, surrounded by a list of the victims’ names in an underground memorial space, design by Michael Arad. The two fountain which form part of the World Trade center are located in Manhattan Liberty Street #20, New York.



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Grand Central Terminal (Palvi Manhas)

Grand Central Terminal also just shortened to simply Grand Central is a terminal station at 42 street and Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan in New York City, United States. It is the largest train station in the world. Grand Central is one of the busiest stations. People from all over the world come through Grand Central. It includes lots of shops and gourmet food stores, clothing and other stores to satisfy your shopping spree. You will find lots of tourists passing by or waiting for the train. Restaurants inside are over priced but convenient for travelers. It is a beautiful place to see.

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