Burj Al Arab description – Carlos Mo Wu

Burj al Arab is a famous hotel located in Dubai. Visually, this building looks soft and light. Even though it looks fragile, it must be strong enough to stand and resist loads in an island. Simplicity and smoothness of this building makes it unique and outstanding. Not only that, the artificial island that holds the building is an accomplishment that enhances the beauty of it. The colors chosen for this building perfectly matches the sea and the sky. No matter how you look at this building, it is beautiful in shape and soft in structure.

It’s obvious that this building makes you feel relaxed because it’s primary function as a hotel. This is not the only reason that makes you feel this way. The site, the environment and interior decorations are big factors that can give you an unforgettable experience. If you walk through the lobby of this hotel, you can feel softness and smoothness everywhere because of the designed materials used to shape the interior part of it. Staying in such a luxury hotel makes you feel the most blessed and lucky person in the world.

I have a strong feeling about this particular building because I personally like soft looking building and how it relates to nature. Also, I believe that staying in such a hotel that includes a nice beach would be a really great experience. This is because I love the theme of buildings and beaches. There was a time where my family and I went to a resort and had three days of fun and relaxing activities. This pretty much explains why I personally like this building and want to visit it.

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2 Responses to Burj Al Arab description – Carlos Mo Wu

  1. Stephanie.S says:

    This building is one of my favorite building, and I would like to go there too. I think the structure and the environment in which was build is perfect.

  2. Rob Daley says:

    I agree that this building looks soft and that it was designed perfectly for its purpose and location. I’d love to visit it.

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