Burj Khalifa -Austin Felix

The Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. This building was completed a small amount of years ago as the world’s tallest building. The majority of this structures material is steel and glass which give it a smooth texture.  The buildings geometric shape of curves gives it a smooth flow that wraps around the building. The Burj Khalifa’s main construction materials release a visual interpretation to viewers that the building is smooth.

Taking the place as the world’s tallest building this tower may influence many emotions into viewers as they approach it or enter.  When viewing this tower I receive a feeling of dominance. Known as the tallest tower the Burj Khalifa’s popularity and small amount of competition gives it that power. Over looking all other structures that feeling of being on top is exposed eventually leading to dominance.

Height is a pretty large factor in today’s society and growing up throughout elementary school and above I’ve found myself being among the tallest in classes.  Similar to the Burj Khalifa’s situation compared with other buildings around the world I was compared with other students. Being taller or the tallest gave me a proud and dominant feeling.  This structure and I in comparison, take in the pride of being the tall and having that dominant position or role in society.         

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  1. Carlos Mo Wu says:

    I agree that this building really defines the concept of smoothness. Not only the geometric aspect that describes smoothness but also the sunlight that projects on the building is another concept of it.

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