W57- Stephanie Sanchez

The elegantly W57 a residential building located in the west side highway and 57th street is about to get a whole attention. The convoluted building whose form shift depending on the viewers’ vantage point. From the west side highway you’ll see an asymmetrical peak almost a pyramid; from west 58th a dramatic glass spire and from the front it appear to be a sailboat. As a be thinking about this building a figured out that each side have a relationship with the environment. The front that appear like a sailboat connect to the River Hudson hence its in front of it. The side that appear to be a pyramid it’s try to fix with the skyscrapers around. When the building is illuminated around 6:00pm to 7:00pm, you will have an amazing show. The iridescent play between the sailboat (front of W57) and the River Hudson will conquer your eyes.

 As I pass by the W57 I feel like in other place,the conjunct seen the river and the leafy green courtyards plus the building it’s was an inexplicable emotion, it’s was like peace and happiness and grandeur, but after that you have to close into your own world because then the alleviating traffic noise makes you feel the activity of the city that never sleep.  In order to feel all this emotions you’ll need to go to West of Manhattan. “River feeling is 
As simple as 
Closing your eyes 
For a moment.” –River feeling Julian Man


       This type of building relate to me by the contrasts in which was design and by the environment, the luxurious building combine to the nature making an explosion in my mind and feelings. I would like to live in this amazing building in the future and mightdesign buildings like Bjarke. He is one of my favorite architects.








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