Formal Description: One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center, or commonly known as the Freedom Tower, is a one hundred and four story skyscraper currently being constructed in lower Manhattan. It is located between Vesey and Fulton Streets, and West and Washington Streets. When this building is completed in 2013, it will be the third tallest building in the world, and the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. Its smooth exterior is very pleasing to the eye because each side is a triangular shape either pointing towards the ground or to the sky, creating a unique shape the falls into place perfectly. The roof top and the ground floor are both square shapes but are offset, making the buildings unique shape possible. The building’s windows are constructed with special glass that allows as much daylight in as possible, lowering energy cost. Since the majority of the building’s exterior is glass, it gleams beautifully in the sunlight.

The One World Trade Center building is very symbolic for New Yorkers and also Americans because it is being built in memoriam of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which destroyed the original World Trade Center towers. Any person who enters the World Trade Center complex can feel the pride that was put into the beautiful design of all the buildings, as we recovery and rebuild from the attacks of September 11th.

This skyscraper being enormous in stature, reaching a staggering height of 1,776 feet at the top of its attenna, symbolizes the Declaration of Independence written in 1776. This isn’t the only symbolic idea put into the design of this skyscraper. The whole building is a symbol of freedom, hence the Freedom Tower.


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  1. Stephanie.S says:

    The name of this building is Freedom Tower

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